Third Visit – I can’t drink again … Insights Galore

I had one more drinking night left on this visit, I had woke up for lunch and heard comments about how this night  ceremony would feature a different brew, “Black Ayahuasca” which I knew nothing about at the time, yet the name alone gave me chills. After two ceremony nights in a row, I was too tired to think much about it and I went straight back to sleep.  The next time I opened my eyes it was dark and others were getting ready. I had an anxiety attack and announced I can’t, I would not be drinking this night… I felt as I had just come back from a long war fight, hadn’t even unpacked and was far from ready to get back in the field, besides I did not like at all the sound of the new brew name…

I talked to our guide and shaman and they were sympathetic of my decision of not drinking this third night, they encouraged me to join the “limpia” (energetic cleanse) portion of the ceremony after which I was free to go back to rest in my room.  While I was silently waiting for my turn, I unintentionally landed in “free thought space”, something I had never truly had been able to achieve in the past through traditional meditation techniques…

After the limpia, I felt like staying for a bit more, this “no thoughts space” felt very intriguing… It only lasted for minutes maybe before I experienced “Insights Galore” and I started to understand many things about my current state in life. I was flooded with ideas on how to make progress in my new projects. I reached clarity about specific people, their motivations, their actions as well as my own reactions. Pretty much anything I was confused about then had answers at reach within a second of intention… I spent maybe an hour in this stage and I walked back to my bedroom feeling I had my life figured out 🙂


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