Second Visit – Undergoing Brain Surgery

The morning after our first ceremony, I woke up uplifted and energized despite the few sleeping hours. We still had two more nights ceremonies in front of us and I spent the day in a space of serenity and peace until then very unfamiliar.

At ceremony time I was served 2/3rds of a cup and this time the awful flavor (rotten sweet pastries like) was very noticeable. I laid in my reclining chair for long before I felt or saw anything. More than two hours into it, with no perceived effects, I stepped out of the maloca for a quick washroom visit, when I turned my lantern on I knew I was in trouble,  I had very  intense visuals of neon lights surrounding everything, as a halo overlaid with moving flashing neon lights reminiscent of discotheques in the 70’s. I wasn’t walking straight and maintaining balance was hard. As I stepped in the washroom I looked up and everything was moving. The combinations of flashes, lights and movement made everything look surreal and I thought to myself: “so this is what been really high feels like”. The closest I had gone to recreational drugs were two inhalations on a friend’s tobacco’s cigarette yet I figured this lights overload must be close to the real deal…

I returned to my bedroom early that night, close to midnight, and as soon as I hit my bed I felt as if I was “been plugged to an electrical source” I could feel high voltage moving fast across my brain and body. It was not quite to the level of pain, but just one step before it. When my eyes were closed I would have images of electricity thunders floating across, mostly concentrated in my brain but also in my body. While I can’t say I had specific physical or emotional pain I remember the experience as torturous, now I mostly think of it as difficult due to its length, as it went on all nigh and demanded of me to remain relative still in a same position for long hours… When I saw the sun raising I begged I can’t take this anymore, please stop, inmrdiately felt myself been unplugged and a huge relief… No other visions, voices or telepathic insights were present that night. I fell asleep almost immediately…

It wasnt until a follow up session weeks later, it would be revealed to me that I had undergone “brain surgery” and a sort of cerebral reset; this was related to fixing a genetic predisposition toward depression and chemical imbalances.


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