The Kill Switch… the Datura Spirit overtakes my Ayahuasca Session

I had come back to the jungle for an intimate ceremony, it would only be me accompanying my little brother (31 now but hey, little brothers will always be little brothers right?) as he had decided to experience Ayahuasca for the first time. The night was moonless, rainy and cold. I was served half a glass and was grateful I could swallow the thick liquid in only one shot

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Working with Datura – Toe and Facing Fears in Nightmares

After my initial and unintended encounter with the Toe/Datura Spirit (read about it here) I had made my mind that I wanted to know more about her and work with her more closely. I had fallen in love with her beauty and pristine energy and couldn’t wait to see her again; if I had any reservations or fears regarding her nature, those had been already complety dissipated.

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