Meeting The Ancient Ones

You are ready to drink alone, the shaman said casually over breakfast one day after almost two years of regular visits to the jungle for Aya ceremonies. Living at a max 3hrs drive, I was comfortable ignoring his words until life had me move way farther away (16hrs drive and unaccesible by plane)  so no much longer after this, I found myself in a borrowed beach house, drinking half a cup of brew prepared in the jungle and shipped to me….

The whole thing unfolded all too calmly, following a rather sweet omen of the skies which had turned completely orange/red in the most amazing of beach sunsets

This particular night  I do not recall the gradual drifting into the trance…. I fell right into it and found myself transported to what I rationalize as another dimension of subtle energy; there I was greeted by a group of beings that spoke  the thoughts of a collective with individual voices… At times they sounded as many people speaking in unison, at other times they sounded as different people starting and finishing each others sentences; they were individual voices in a coordinated melody speaking a unified message…

We had a very long conversation, with what felt like old childhood friends and that lasted all night. I have had serious reservations about writing about it for months. One of the reasons I’ve been so hesitant is that I recall only a small percentage and that I can’t guarantee using the same words because in many parts of the experience the message was related through images and blasts of knowledge instead of words. Having said that, I will aim to capture the essence:

-They introduced themselves as the group of beings that designed the multiverse and having many names: the parents, the ancient ones, the code writers were mentioned…

-They spoke (this part was more images) of unintended failures on the multiverse system (shown as a computer software running and infinite  of possible realities at the same time)… I felt their urge, their hope and their sincere desire to find a fix to this….

-They showed me that there was at least one instance in which this universe was destroyed (the real organic one /not the holographic matrix), seeing this cosmic blast images was remarkable, made an impression on myself  simply beyond any words I can find…. I was also shown how after this destruction, everything is now been processed inorganically in holograms in a  matrix-like environment where the probabilities are running (in infinite numbers, constantly and all at the same time), after that one event I was shown the universe to have self destroyed a few times but only in the hologram…. I became overwhelmed, it became all too much as the fast explanation had heavy components of science, math and geometry -a laughing thought came to my minds- “oh gosh you need a genius mathematician to understand this… maybe someone like Sheldon Cooper of the tv show! A genius nerd, NOT ME!”, they laughed at my thoughts and said jokingly “well, you are the  closest to a nerd we could get”.

-I remember the specific words “we play by the rules because we make the rules” as answer to my question on why didn’t they intervene directly… In this moment I was transmitted information about how they do indirectly intervene and I remember at least three ways:

1) Some of their group incarnating here,

2) Entheogens being used as a backdoor (the references to computing programming allegories where very prevalent along the whole conversation) to establish direct communication with some of us and,

3) Bending some of the matrix instances (in serious type situations related to their members incarnated here)

-At one point they showed me how they had being present throughout my entire life… I was shown hundreds (not exaggerating numbers) of moments at the same time… from small things all through my life such as for example a butterfly sitting in my feet, to events that swayed me in life changing decisions and all the way to the two times when before reaching 21 years old I had been diagnosed with deadly conditions (I’m 36 and healthy now); the amazing sunset  from earlier was there

I felt overwhelmed with love and waves of emotion, all through this lifetime I had convinced myself I had somehow been abandoned here…. At one point, the images of the movie Finding Dory came to my mind (I had just seen it in previous days) where the little lady fish discovered her parents had left small pebbles along the whole ocean as signals to get her  to remember and help her find the way back home….I figured I had been left with similar signals along in the hopes one day they would help me remember…

Towards the end of the experience, I felt my body sitting itself without my conscious intention of doing so (I had been laying down) and heard my own voice saying out loud “and I will be a channel”, in my head the message was completed indicating it will be later in life… Ok maybe this is the reason I have been holding posting this for so many months…. I know all the stigma and judgement that comes with this… All I will say is this is not a path that I would consciously choose to pursue.

This encounter was so enjoyable and filled with a very high vibration of love, a level of vibration  I`m not accustomed to, so I was sad to see it end. It’s been about 6 months since it happened and I have continued to drink the medicine alone… my journeys have taken a turn towards no images and no messages but instead intense and very physically palpable dna healings (they feel like magnetic waves vibrating with electrical zapping  of each of my cells in continuous streams that go upside down my body; these are so physically palpable they were scary at the beginning, I freaked out big time and asked for it to stop and heard: “we need your permission” while they stopped at once…. It took me a while (read two months/ several more Aya sessions) until I could arm myself with courage and give this permission again, they resumed promptly and now I realize I was just startled by the unknown and the physicality of it for a bit.., that’s all…

I had been wishing  for and asking to be able to spend another night visiting them, my heart longs for it… deep inside though I feel this experience was special, some sort of a grace moment, and unlikely to repeat soon, so I rest in the comfort of knowing they have always been and always are with me and recognizing them often in daily life.. in the pebbles…


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