Meeting Iboga- For we are dust and to dust we shall return….

Its a matter of odd circumstances how long it took me to meet this teacher, as a matter of fact, it was the idea of iboga that made me first explore the sacred plants path. I had touched rock bottom on my dealing with eating disorders and unhealthy dieting and prayed from the heart for an answer …. when someone recommended it shortly after, I felt it was a message even though I knew nothing about psychodelics, and the closest to drugs I ever had was my daily coffee…. I started researching…

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Meeting The San Pedro (Huachuma, Aguacoya) Spirit. San Pedro Cactus in Ecuador

imageNothing can prepare you for your first San Pedro encounter, to begin, there is nowhere as much information about it online or books written as there is for Ayahuasca; Almost everybody I’ve asked to describe their SP experiences has answered: “It’s hard to put into words”, and it has always taken me several days before I’m able to even attempt to journal my own SP experiences.

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